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We are hosts ourselves and know that managing listings takes a lot of effort. Lean back while we take over communication and coordination for you as a service

Guest communication

We perform guest screening and answering any enquiry before, during and after the stay in a timely manner. Support is available 24x7.

More bookings

We create and maintain new listings with our partners allowing you to multiply your reach and attract more customers effortlessly.

Dynamic pricing

We optimize your booking prices to maximizes your revenues. Our algorithm analyzes competing listing and optimize your calendar according to holidays season.

Keys handover

Tell us where we can find the keys/door codes and we will arrange transmission with guests. In selected cities, you are able to give the keys to our partners for extra peace of mind.

cleaning coordination

Provide us the contact of the cleaning service you want to use and we take care of the rest.

Review writing

We will write a review based on your appreciation. Simply rate guest from our dashboard and we will take care of writing a complete review.

How it works

It takes only 10 minutes to get started!

1. Sign-up

Tell us your guest selection criteria, your minimum price per listing and everything else we should know.

2. Lean back

Receive booking confirmations and reminders by SMS and/or email.

Access the new Cerys management portal to view upcoming bookings, financial performances and guest communication.

3. Monthly billing

We bill you for our service fee once a month. You only pay if your property generates revenue.

What's our fun factors


Happy guests








Remember that our system dynamically manage your listing price if market conditions allow. In good times, this additional income will cover our fee. The service fee applies on effective bookings only.

Flat fee
5% per booking
  • Guest communication
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Booking increase via partner network
  • Review writing
  • Key coordination
  • Cleaning coordination
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Partners Network

We create and maintain new listings with our partner pages allowing you to multiply your reach and attract more customers.

Contact Us

You can reach us by email, phone or arrange a meeting at our office.


Company: Cerys Management
Address: Ave d'Ouchy 49
1006 Lausanne
Phone: +4121/588.00.83